Sunday, April 12, 2015

Introducing: The Maryland Luminary State Flower Litter

Today, April 12, 2015, Lady and Mondo had Seven Puppies!!!

Maryland Luminary Black Eyed Susan born 12:03 PM Black Female weighing 13 oz. We will call her Bes.

Maryland Luminary Asteraceae born 12:43 PM Black Male weighing 13 oz.  We will call him Ace.

Maryland Luminary Brown Betty born 1:08 PM Brown Female weighing 10.5 oz.  We will call her

Maryland Luminary Gloriosa born 1:29 PM Black Female weighing 8 oz.  We will call her Glory.

Maryland Luminary Sunflower born 1:38 PM Black Male weighing 11 oz.  We will call him Sunny.

Maryland Luminary Condflower born 2:07 PM Brown female weighing 10 oz.  We will call her Coco.

Maryland Luminary Perennial Daisy born 2:16 PM Black Female weighing 12 oz.  We will call her Daisy.

Pictures soon!!!!

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