Saturday, July 28, 2012

Here is Zoey (Jada/Griffin daughter June 15, 2011 Litter) with the newest member of her family!

She (Zoey) takes her newest charge very seriously!  So cute!

 Zoey, Matt and baby, Hailey, taking a nap.

Blessing from the Bishop!

Here is a picture of Julia Maria (Jada/Griffin daughter from June 15, 2011 Litter) being blessed by Bishop DiLorenzo.

Fr. Scott (Julia's person) tells me that of all the people in the room, Julia went right up to the Bishop!  Of course!  She is a smart puppy!  I love how she appears to be taking it all in with her front paws on the ottoman!

Thank you for sharing Fr. Scott!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zoey loves Katie's Pregnant C pillow!!!

Here is Zoey curled up in Katie and Matt's bed with Katie's special C shaped pillow for pregnancy.

Apparently Zoey thinks it is for her.  Katie and Matt (and Zoey) are expecting a new baby in
the house within a few weeks!   Move over Zoey!!!