Saturday, June 4, 2016

Enzo, Maggie's littermate (from Lady and Mondo, 2014 litter)

This sweet boy has quite the personality!! He is so handsome...and I think he knows that!
Thank you Beth for the fun visit!!!
Enzo waiting for his treat!

Enzo and me...what a wonderful boy!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Week Three!

This is a transitional week for the puppies as they begin to wean from breast feeding to food.  Weaning is done very gradually from baby beef to soft puppy food to puppy kibble by about 6 weeks.  Maggie will continue to breast feed, in decreasing amounts and frequency, for another 3-5 weeks.

Clean up will be transitioning from Maggie to me this week also!

The whelping box and play pen areas expand today!  Dave and I set up the puppy pen so it has three distinct areas...sleeping area, food water and play area, and potty area.

Their teeth are coming in! They recognize Maggie and siblings and are now coming to me and wanting my attention!

Week three is a week to introduce many sounds and noises!  As the pups are located right by the kitchen, they hear many common household sounds! We have added a few toys and objects in their play area for them to manipulate.  The adult dogs' barking, front door knocking, television and music and (hopefully) a thunder storm will add to this weeks' socialization!

Yum! First solids, baby beef !

Maggie watches and then cleans them up as the pups LOVE their first licks of baby beef!  They will be transitioning over the next 4-6 weeks from baby beef to soft puppy food and finally to puppy kibble while Maggie slowly weans them from breastfeeding.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sleepy pups!

June 1, 2016...Puppy Picture Day!!!

We started taking pictures when the pups were awake but....
Cory, fell asleep waiting for her turn!

Hank, getting sleepy!

Hannah, just about to close her eyes!







Saturday, May 14, 2016

One Day Old Weigh in!



Hannah with Maggie's licking!







First video of Maggie with her pups!

One day old!

Proud Maggie and note the little tail coming from under her back legs...THAT is Poco!

While he is getting his 2nd or 3rd breakfast, his littermates are content back on their warmed blanket!

All is well at Maryland Standard Poodles!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Maggie and Kenny's Puppies Born today! May 13, 2016

We are proud to announce the arrival of our newest litter of 9... 6 females and 3 males!
All are black.  Here are the first five arrivals!  We will be taking more pictures soon but right now everyone needs a nip and a nap!

6:22 AM:  Female, 10.5 oz
Maryland May on the Susquehanna.  We will call her Hanna!  Hanna is sporting a pink collar.

6:36 AM: Male, 14 oz
Maryland May on the Pocomoke.  We will call him Poco!  Poco is sporting a dark green collar.

6:50 AM: Male, 13 oz
Maryland May on the Choptank.  We will call him Hank!  Hank is sporting a lime green collar.

7:10 AM:  Female, 13.5 oz
Maryland May on the Sassafras.  We will call her Sassy!  Sassy is sporting a purple collar.

7:38 AM:  Female, 14 oz
Maryland May on the Wicomico.  We will call her Mico!  Mico is sporting a red collar.

8:47 AM: Female, 11.5 oz
Maryland May on the Miles.  We will call her Millie!  Millie is sporting an orange collar.

9:35 AM: Female, 10.5 oz
Maryland May on the Corsica.  We will call her Cory!  Cory has no collar.

10:23 AM:  Male, 9.0 oz
Maryland May on the Potomac.  We will call him Mac!  Mac is sporting a black collar.

10:27 AM:  Female, 11.5 oz
Maryland May on the Nanjemoy.  We will call her Joy!  Joy is sporting a tan collar.

Certain colors look better on black dogs so I will change collar colors.  I identify dogs by name when I show them in a picture, not collar color.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Puppies? We will know in about a month!

Maggie and Kenny seemed to like each other!

We will be checking for puppies via ultrasound in about a month!  If we have puppies, they will be due mid-May!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Kenny and Maggie

Our next planned litter will be between our CH Maryland Luminary Magna "Maggie" and
CH L'Paige Islands in the Stream, "Kenny".

Kenny is a darling dog, owned by Elizabeth Reynolds, L'Paige Standard Poodles.  Although I had previously seen Kenny in the ring, I had the opportunity to meet Kenny "hands on" at a show this last weekend.  He is a perfect compliment to our Maggie!

Kenny and Maggie will have a beautiful litter.  All of the puppies will be black.  Health testing has been completed (and is fine) so we are just waiting for Maggie to come into season....should be anytime now!

We will keep you posted!