Friday, July 22, 2011

Mondo wins a FIVE POINT MAJOR!!!

Here is the eight month old male (my person co-owns) winning at a recent show-- a puppy winning a five point major!! WOW!!! We are so proud!! And the other picture of Mondo when he was a little baby!!!

Downstairs and Outside for the FIRST TIME!!!

Sunday the puppies moved from the dining room to their new kennel room so that they can go outside into their puppy yard!

These nice people are going to be taking one of my little girls to their home in about 4 weeks!

True Puppy Love

This young man seems to have decided on a boy puppy! Or the puppy has decided on him!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This person is going to be part of one of my pup's new family!!!

A very nice lady, her daughter, a friend and her friend's daughter came to see us today and asked to have one of my girls as their own!!! Any one of my girls will be happy with them I am sure!!! Several of the pups looked like they would have gone home with them today!!!

So cute!!