Monday, June 16, 2014

Here is Sadie playing tug-a-war with her sister, our puppy, Maggie!!!

Special Guest!!!

We have a special guest for the week, SADIE !!! (while her puppy parents are on vacation with their family)
This is Sadie from the Jan. 27th 2014 litter from Lady and Mondo!

Zoey, (Jada-Griffin pup) celebrated her THIRD birthday with Hailey (Julia and Dave's Grand-daughter)

Thanks for the picture, Katie!

A birthday note about Nathan (Nate) from Bert:

Big Nate is loving and always happy.  
Lesa often calls him tag along. She
says I have an invisible leash on him that 
keeps him always within 5 feet of
me .

Bert and Lisa also have Belle who will be FIVE in October!  
(She is a sister from an earlier litter from
Jada and Griffin.)  
You will find pictures of them in earlier posts!

A cute story from Libby about her adventures with Lucy, one of Jada and Griffin's 3 year old puppies!!

I was home over spring break and built Lucy a jump since she LOVES to jump over my make shift obstacles.

But recently on a walk at the park that skill of hers I encouraged backfired! It's hot and we were about an hour into our walk

and we were going up a trail that is lined by a construction fence, Lucy looked over the fence and saw a pond (which she seemed to not care about when we were on the other part of the trail). She then decided it was time for a dip and hopped the fence.

She splashed around some while I sat there watching her and cracking up.

When she was cooled down enough she jumped back over onto the trail and continued on our walk, very pleased with herself. 

There is never a dull moment with my spunky poodle

Happy Birthday to all of the Jada-Griffin pups born June 15, 2011!!! THREE years old yesterday!



Julia Maria and friend


Thank you, Laurie, Jackie, Fr. Scott and Jazelle for all of the pics!!!

A few pictures of Pheebee! Thank you for sharing, Mary! (Lady-Mondo puppy, born 1-27-14)