Monday, April 27, 2015

This weekend's pics! Two big developments: The puppies are starting to walk and their eyes are opening! Soon they will be able to hear!

From left: Daisy, Beebee, Coco, Glory and ?

Our Granddaughters loving the puppies!

Hailey with Sunny

Norah and her Dad looking at Glory

Weighing Ace!

Coco, Bes, Beebee and Sunny

Puppy snuggle time!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pictures of some of our puppies from Jan. 27, 2014, all grown up!!!




One week and one day old!!!

The puppies have doubled their birth weights and are growing as I write!!!  These pics were taken after checking weights, handling them a bit and giving them a kiss!  They are starting to settle a bit when being handled.

Here are today's pics without disturbing their "Wa's" too much!
From Top: With Lady: Coco (lime green), Daisy (deep green), Black nursing pup either Bes or Ace (need to turn them over to tell!
Sunny (blue), Bes or Ace, Beebee brown no collar, Glory (pink)

Nursing pups



Sweet Glory


Sunday, April 19, 2015

The brown girls! Coco and Beebee!

Today…they did not want to hold still for their pictures being taken!!!  The two brown girls' pictures
are the only ones that turned out.  The others are too blurred.  I will try again tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015 …Puppies are two days old!

Ace (male, needs larger collar!) 1 lb. 0 oz

Beebee (female) 13.5 oz

Bes (female) 1 lb. 0 oz.

Coco (female) 13. 0 oz

Daisy (female)  1lb. 0 oz

Sweet Glory (female) 10.0 oz

Sunny (male) 14.5 oz

Monday, April 13, 2015

One Day Old!!!

All of the puppies are gaining weight nicely!  I could not get good individual shots today so I took two cute shots of the pups all cuddling to stay warm!  I have a warming bulb in one corner but they seem to be more inclined to cuddle than to stay under the heat lamp!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lady and Mondo's April 12, 2015 Litter

Lady…so proud!

I have used colored collars to help identify pups.

Introducing: The Maryland Luminary State Flower Litter

Today, April 12, 2015, Lady and Mondo had Seven Puppies!!!

Maryland Luminary Black Eyed Susan born 12:03 PM Black Female weighing 13 oz. We will call her Bes.

Maryland Luminary Asteraceae born 12:43 PM Black Male weighing 13 oz.  We will call him Ace.

Maryland Luminary Brown Betty born 1:08 PM Brown Female weighing 10.5 oz.  We will call her

Maryland Luminary Gloriosa born 1:29 PM Black Female weighing 8 oz.  We will call her Glory.

Maryland Luminary Sunflower born 1:38 PM Black Male weighing 11 oz.  We will call him Sunny.

Maryland Luminary Condflower born 2:07 PM Brown female weighing 10 oz.  We will call her Coco.

Maryland Luminary Perennial Daisy born 2:16 PM Black Female weighing 12 oz.  We will call her Daisy.

Pictures soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

According to our Vet, Five or Six Puppies!!!

Yesterday, Lady had an x-ray that showed 5 or 6 puppies.  We will find out very soon!  I have had this happen before where the count is difficult because of puppy positioning far to the front under the mother's ribs or intestine.

Lady is doing well, her estimated date is Friday but could be a couple days before or after.