Friday, April 25, 2014


Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD)

One of our pups, Sadie ("Gigi") , (Lady/Mondo 2014 litter) was diagnosed with HOD last evening.  I had not heard of it before so have been trying rapidly to come up to speed.

The disease causes pain and inflammation to the growth plates of long bones particularly in the front legs during periods of rapid growth in puppies 8 weeks to about 8 months old.  It occurs most frequently in large and giant breeds. The symptoms can include limping and lameness, loss of appetite, fever, and more...mild to severe.

The cause is basically unknown although theories from vaccine reaction, bacterial infection, Vitamin C deficiency, high calorie high fat diets ...are mentioned in the literature, and it could also be a combination of factors.

The treatment is to control the symptoms of pain and inflammation with medication, and frequently antibiotics are also given.

Sadie's owners, Andrew and Trisha were quick to act, the vet was quick to diagnose and treat, and Sadie is already doing a good bit better this morning.   The vet thought this was a mild case and that she should be much better in about 5 days.

I will post an update and more information when I have some.

Thank you Andrew and Trisha for letting us know and letting us share and

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