Sunday, February 23, 2014

Puppies will be FOUR WEEKS old tomorrow!

They are learning that bedwetting is not cool, barking and growling are (cool) and softened puppy food is way cool!

Lady is starting to stay out and away for longer periods but still nursing and keeping faces and body clean…as expected, poop and pee cleanup has transferred ownership!  Now she is interacting with puppies and beginning to teach them good manners.  This is very cute to watch but hard (for me) to capture on video…I will try however to get some video this week.

Pups nails have been filed (using small grinder) two (and some three) times, they are being brushed frequently and this week…we will play with the small hair clippers on their feet.  (the vibrations and noise are a little strange to pups).  They will get their first bath at five weeks.

They now want our attention when we are nearby.  We started putting a couple of toys in the play pen area but they are not very interested yet…right now their furry brothers and sisters are much too entertaining when awake and soft and cozy when sleepy.  Music in the kitchen is being enjoyed by all!

All and all this has been a terrific puppy week!!!  Here they are:










  1. It's hard to believe how big the puppies have gotten in less than a month! We're counting the days until we can meet hem!

  2. Too cute!,, love those brownies!