Monday, September 2, 2013

Reny...No puppies.

Reny, after attempting to breed her over her last two cycles, developed a uterine infection, pyometra.  We decided to have her spayed last Friday as she was becoming quite ill with the infection and the alternative treatment did not seem like a good option.

We are very sad that we will never have any puppies from Reny, but think we did what was best for her.  We want her to be with us for a long time.  She is recovering at home and appears to be getting better every day.

On a brighter note, we are fortunate to have Reny's sister, Lady, who is quite a beauty and very sweet in temperament, to breed next Spring.  She just turned two in June, so we will start her pre-breeding tests very soon.

Here is a picture of Lady as a puppy!  We will be posting more pictures of her on our website "The Parents" page very soon.

Interestingly, Lady carries the gene for Black, White and Brown hair color, so we may see black and brown pups if we mate her to Mondo (a Champion we co-own with Victoria Law at Luminary Standard Poodles) or all three colors if we mate her to Questo, Mondo's Grand Champion brother!

We love these beautiful animals!

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  1. I am so sorry about Reny. Even though we know these things can and do happen, its heartbreaking when they do. She is too beautiful and wonderful not to have gotten puppies but alas, it is so. Breeding is not for the fair or faint of heart. When things go smoothly, its a gift but when they go wrong it can be very bad. Then we breeders go on to love all our puppies and cry over every one. But again, we are so enriched to have them in our lives and love them that it makes most everything worth it. As you say, you still have Reny to love. And yes, Lady is awfully cute. She is a darling girl and worthy of having been shown to a championship so certainly worthy of being bred. So, here's to looking to the future...