Saturday, September 29, 2012

Traveling Bella, (Jada/Griffin October 2009 litter)

My first litter, 8 female puppies, all turn 3 years old in a few weeks!

I just received a note from Bella's person.  Their entourage of 2 standard poodles and their two persons have been cross country traveling for over a year in their RV!

Her person says that Bella loves traveling and everyone Bella meets falls in love with her!  (Bella has a loving disposition.)  Bella spent her summer on the west coast from Paso Robles to the Oregon coast.  The first two pictures are from Napa, CA at the "Bella" vineyards!!! Hmmmm ...Bella's Bella bottle?

The last is of Bella on the road in her favorite spot!

Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing!

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